Searching for Office Space

Work Your Side of the Street

Do Not Represent Yourself When Searching for Office Space

You do what you do.

What you do is your business.

A tenant representation broker spends their time learning the market, you do not.

Let the tenant representation broker help you to get a fair deal, so it saves you time and effort. Also, it is not wise to represent yourself when negotiating. It is much more effective to have a middle man to act as the messenger when doing these transactions.

A good tenant representation broker knows the market intimately and can guide you to the best location and best price. It just makes sense. Tenant representation brokers have relationships with the landlord representatives so they are familiar with the people they are dealing with. The tenant representation brokers know the building owners and their reputations as well.

Your time is money. If you try to do this alone, you will spend much time and probably not do the best job for your business as you will be distracted. It is hard enough to relocate or find a location, let alone, doing all of the preliminary grunt work. Yes, you do have to spend time and effort planning and thinking about what you want, need and can afford, but you also have to know what all of the options are and what the real market conditions are. That is the part you just do not have time to deep dive into. You can do some online searches, but working with a representative who knows all of the steps involved with searching for office space and can explain some of the more complex aspects of the rent structure, the market conditions and what you can expect to have to provide for credit approval will be of a tremendous help to you and save you time, which is money.

Work your side of the street.

Photo Credit: “Curve Road” by nuttakit